Client Services

Oberlin Community Services offers many services that help southern Lorain County residents get back on their feet. These include emergency assistance, counseling and advocacy, and referrals. When someone needs assistance, our client services coordinator holistically assesses an individual's needs in order to determine how best to help them. Someone may come in for one issue; however, over the course of the visit, other concerns arise. These are addressed and guide the outcome of the visit.

Emergency assistance

Emergency services include monetary assistance that someone may need for utilities, rent, prescription, or transportation. When funding is available, OCS can help pay a utility bill, assist with rent payments, help get a life-saving medication or provide transportation assistance in the form of a gas card to get to a necessary appointment.

Counseling & Advocacy

Often, when someone reaches out to OCS for assistance it is the first time they have had an opportunity to discuss some deeper, more personal issues with anyone. The client services coordinator takes as much time as necessary to assess the situation and apply the appropriate psycho-social interventions with the goal of minimizing stress and improving coping skills.

If someone is having a difficult time getting their voice heard regarding a cause that is important to them, OCS will help provide that voice by advocating for the client and empowering them to get their needs met.


If there is something OCS cannot assist with, we make referrals to the best resources that can help. Some referrals could include Job and Family Services, Community Action, Legal Aid, Homeless Services, or Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services. Even if OCS can assist with a situation, we often provide additional resources to meet other needs. If you live in Lorain City click here for community resource list. If you live in Elyria click here for community resource list.


Our Client Services Coordinator is Kathy Burns:

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