We are a responsive community organization that provides direct assistance, referrals, outreach services and educational support to community members who seek help meeting basic needs.


Located in Ohio, we serve Oberlin, New Russia Township and southern Lorain County.


To respond to an expected increase in demand for our food programs and other direct assistance due to the US government shut-down, OCS is doing all we can to ensure that we have the necessary resources to provide these services. This means increasing our food rescue efforts, stocking up on more food for the pantry, and setting up an emergency fund that can be used to assist with housing, utilities, prescriptions, and other basic needs for those who are directly affected. OCS, after all, is a responsive community-based organization!  If you need help, please come see us! If you’d like to contribute—ideas or resources—please do! And if you would like to get involved, please call or drop by.

We are all in this together.

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