Our Mission

Oberlin Community Services is a responsive community organization that provides direct assistance, referrals, outreach services and educational support to Oberlin, New Russia Township, and southern Lorain County residents who seek help meeting basic needs.



  • Holiday Hours for December and January

    OCS is open (choice pantry) next week during normal business hours on Monday and Tuesday, and closed on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (12/24-12/26). We are also open the following Monday and Tuesday, and closed on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (12/31-1/2). Happy holidays and have a great new year! Click here to see our latest newsletter and event calendar!

  • Tax Counseling and Budget Coaching

    OCS will provide Tax Counseling through the Ohio Benefit Bank in the spring. If you’d like to be a tax counselor, please call the office. Anyone with basic math skills and comfort with technology who likes to work with people will be an excellent tax counselor! We are also looking for volunteer budget coaches.

  • GED Tutoring at OCS

    We will be offering GED tutoring and self-directed study resources at OCS starting in evenings in September. Tutors will be available for questions, and practice materials will be available for those preferring to work on their own. Please call (440) 774-6579 or email ocservices@oberlin.net if you are interested in participating or tutoring.