Volunteer at OCS

As a volunteer, you are crucial to our success. We work with you to find to find the right place in our organization to share your skill-set and maximize your experience. We have a place for you to help your community and gain valuable experience at the same time. We welcome your ideas to make your community a better place.

Volunteer training classes are held every third Thursday of the month from 5:30-6:30 at OCS. Volunteers must attend a session at least once every six months.

For more information, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Rosa Gadsden at rosa@oberlincommunityservices.org.


Student engagement

Students from Oberlin High School, LC3 and Oberlin College can volunteer at OCS to satisfy community service requirements, or simply to make a contribution to their community and learn about public service.

work study

Funded by the federal government, work study positions are held by students in college as part of their financial aid package.


Depending on the position, tutors can be paid or volunteer. GED, Summer Tutoring and the DuBois Project are examples of opportunities for tutors at OCS. 

Food Program volunteering

Volunteering in our food program involves working in the pantry and warehouse stocking, helping clients, and keeping the areas organized and clean.


Professional development

Volunteering at OCS can satisfy required community service hours for job placement and enhancement. 


OCS offers internships in public service. An example of this is the Presidential Public Service Fellow position through Oberlin College. The position gives a student experience in public service and allows them to specialize in areas of community involvement.

Garden volunteering

Garden volunteers do weeding, watering, planting, harvesting and occasionally, light construction. 


The summer youth employment program is a program where youth of income-qualified families can work and earn wages. This program is apart of Ohio Means Jobs CCEMP program. They benefit from mentoring and gain job experience.