Through various programs and partnerships, we provide tutoring to adults and children. Math and literacy are two main areas of focus; we work with community members and students from Oberlin College, who assist others and gain valuable experience.


Get with the program

Get with the Program is a nonprofit organization that promotes and reinforces literacy in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) from preschool through 12th grade. While their focus is on STEM, they take the holistic approach to child development by incorporating art, music, physical education, and literacy (language arts) into STEM learning.

See gwtp.us

Du Bois Fraction Club

OCS partners with the Du Bois Fraction Club, a local organization that uses running, music and games to make math fun. Children who love math, learn math. Fraction Club makes math fun even for math-phobic children. The Du Bois Project uses simple psychology to present math challenges at the child's level.

See duboisproject.com


Summer Learning enrichment

As an extension of the tutoring during the academic year in classrooms and/or after-school support, tutors continue to provide learning and enrichment over the summer. Tutors support students in grades K-12 in one-on-one or group tutoring. If you're interested in your student having summer tutoring please click and fill out the application. Return to OCS by June 1.

Summer Tutoring Form

For more information on our tutoring programs, please contact us at (440) 774-6579.