A letter from our intern Stacy

I had the pleasure of completing my bachelor of social work internship here at OCS.  Throughout these last 8 months, I have worked side by side with Kathy Burns, the Client Services Coordinator.  Being a field educator, says a lot about a person. Kathy does not get paid extra to help advance a student’s learning, nor does she get enough recognition for the dedication she has for her students.  Kathy has taught me so many professional lessons that go far beyond what a classroom could ever teach from client assessments, advocacy, community outreach, to networking and referral services. Beyond the professional lessons, she has taught me many life lessons as well.  She taught me the importance of self care and creating a network of people that will push me to do better.


Going beyond my direct training with Kathy, all of the staff at OCS welcomed me and allowed me to invade their space anytime I was curious to learn more about OCS and their different programs.  Each staff member showed me patience and took the time to explain each program and allowed me to assist with several of these programs. I learned something from each and every one of them.


The most memorable experience I get to take with me as I move into my professional role as a social worker is the sense of community that OCS brings to Oberlin.  The staff, residents, and volunteers of OCS come together on a regular basis to make sure this community center stays open and available to their residents. I will take this sense of community and dedication to each other with me as I start my career as a social worker.

I am grateful for all of the experiences I had as an intern here at OCS.