Yes, you can grow food year round in Ohio!

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Our workshops are free but please call the office to register so we can inform you of any changes. We use organic, no till, and inexpensive methods that anyone can use. All classes meet in the garden at Oberlin Community Services, (except for Seed Starting Indoors, which occurs inside the OCS building}. Please arrive a few minutes before the workshop. Rain dates may be on the following week, but please call our office to confirm the rain date. We can add a date (even early evenings) if you can promise 4 students, so please call the Lead Gardener if you would like to schedule a workshop.

Season Extension Techniques

Here is where to find out how to grow vegetables and harvest year round with a minimum of fuss! No greenhouse required. Learn what loves the cold, what to plant when, and how to protect your crops so that you can harvest every month of the year. It’s not too late to have a garden this year!  We have seeds available to get you started this Winter!

Saturday, Sept. 7th 10-11:30am at Legion Field

Friday, Sept. 13th from 5-6:30pm at OCS


Learn techniques for beginning or improving your home compost system and how to maintain a larger community garden system. We will discuss how to find free materials, how to reduce weed seeds and improve fertility. Options for apartment dwellers will be discussed upon request!

Saturday, Sept. 21st from 12-1:30pm

Garlic & Onions

Fall is the perfect time to learn about growing garlic and onions. We will show you how to prepare, space, plant and care for your harvest, how to pull, cure, store, and select next year’s cloves for planting. Save your seeds or sets and you can grow all you need with no cost.

Offered in the Fall, To Be Announced

Watering & harvesting

Less obvious than it seems, find out when, where, and how much to water a garden for pest and disease resistance and higher yields. The second half of this workshop reveals farmers’ secrets for telling when things are ripe.

Monday, Sept. 9th from 9-11am OR

Monday, Sept. 16th from 9-11am…or by arrangement.

Bed preparation & Planting

We will show you step by step our no-till technique for planting a bed quickly with less work and fewer weeds during the season. Learn which inexpensive tools are the most useful in the garden.

Tuesday, Sept. 10th  from 9:15 –11:15

Seed Starting Indoors

Starting seeds indoors saves us money, lets us get a jump on any growing season and makes maximum use of our space and resources. Learn about lights, heat mats, and seed starting mixes.  Sow using different methods for starting seeds indoors including cell packs and soil blocking. This workshop occurs indoors in the OCS building in the pantry.

To Be Announced for January & February 2020