Garden Programs

We have a variety of initiatives to provide opportunities for growth and learning in our community garden. We are always expanding our programming to meet community needs, so if you have ideas or would like to get involved, please contact our Garden Coordinator, Rosa Gadsden at


Build A Garden is a two-pronged community food campaign run by OCS. First, it encourages farms, gardens, organizations and individuals who already have access to gardening information, skills, knowledge, equipment and time to plant an extra row in their garden designated for OCS.

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Little Sprouts

Little Sprouts is a summer gardening program for children. All aspects of gardening are introduced, and games and snacks are provided. Little Sprouts run in June, July, and August! Call 440-774-6579 for more details.

Seed Bank

The Oberlin Seed Banking Project is a local, grassroots initiative generated from a network of farmers, gardeners and visionaries, in the hopes of spreading gardening material and knowledge to the broader Oberlin community.

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Volunteering in the Garden

There are always opportunities to volunteer in the garden. Whether you are an individual or organization, we have a place for you!


We offer a variety of workshops on composting, seed banking and starting, natural weed control, and planting and garden maintenance. We offer gardening workshops every second Saturday at distribution, beginning at 9:30 am. Other workshop dates and times vary.


OCS is committed to eliminating waste from our pantry and garden. Our composting initiative addresses this.

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Oberlin College Environmental sciences

OCS is fortunate to work with students from the Environmental Sciences Department at Oberlin College. With experience in gardening techniques from around the world, they have provided expertise on garden planning, planting strategy, composting, and many other initiatives. The students have projects for their classwork and use our site for implementation. They contribute countless volunteer hours in the garden. 

To learn more about the People's Garden or to volunteer, please contact Holly Whiteside at 440.774.6579