Sharonda Hall

The WISE Program (Women in Sustainable Employment) is a Career Pathways program that encourages women to explore non-traditional careers. Sharonda Hall participated in the program successfully and found a full-time job with benefits as a Field Technician at Columbia Gas of Ohio.

Meet Sharonda.

Sharonda Hall and cynthia andrews


Before Sharonda entered the WISE program, she was finding it difficult to secure a job that would allow her to easily provide for her children. With the little experience she had, she was finding it so challenging that she was ready to give up. When Sharonda came to OCS, staff encouraged her to try out the WISE program. Sharonda found everyone to be welcoming and excited for her. Initially skeptical, she chose to start the program with the strong encouragement of OCS and the other women involved. Sharonda shared, "I learned that people want to see you succeed and that they have a big heart. This program changed my outlook on people." Sharonda gained the confidence to interview and promote her new skill set.

Today, the stress of providing for her children is minimized; she does not have to rely on others for help. She can send her daughter to prom and her son to camp. Sharonda is now looking for a new home and sees many opportunities for advancement at Columbia Gas.

About OCS, Sharonda says, "What you said, you did. You encouraged us and had confidence in us. You stuck to your word. You stuck with us."