Classes & Events

We offer many opportunities for our community members to learn about a variety of topics. One of these is nutrition and healthy eating. We conduct grocery store tours with a nutritionist at our local IGA, offer our Women's Empowerment Series, and do cooking demonstrations on Saturday distributions. We also engage community members in topics related to gardening.


Classes & Demos

OCS offers cooking classes and demos. The classes are led by local volunteer who provide new recipes and cooking techniques. Our demos are held at Saturday distributions, often using produce and ingredients being distributed that day.

grocery store tours

grocery store tours

We partner with our local IGA to offer tours to the public. Led by nutritionists, the tours are an opportunity to learn which store items are healthy options, share fresh cooking ideas, and understand how to use unfamiliar ingredients.


Periodically, we offer workshops on topics such as seed saving, composting and gardening. Through the Build A Garden  program, we offer individualized educational support. If you register with this program, you will receive educational materials about gardening and planting, soil, and other related topics.