Build-a-Garden is a two-pronged garden access campaign run by OCS.

Gardening Support and Services

Build-a-Garden provides free soil, seeds, raised beds, planters, educational resources, and other support to residents who are facing food insecurity and want to grow their own fresh produce. Especially for those who do not have the resources to garden on their own, but would like to, Build-a-Garden can offer information, knowledge, equipment and support getting started. If you register with the program, you are eligible to receive seeds, Garden Soxx or other planters, planting, weeding and watering support, and educational materials. If you are a registered participant, you do not have to donate what you grow but you are welcome to!

For more information on Build-a-Garden or to register, please contact our Food Programs Coordinator, Hannah Rosenberg at


Plant an "Extra Row"

Another aspect of Build-a-Garden involves asking farms, gardens, organizations and individuals who already have access to gardening knowledge, equipment and time to plant an "extra row" in their garden designated for food pantries. They may also donate surplus produce instead of throwing it out. The program encourages coordination among farms, gardens, organizations and individuals about which crops to plant, effectively building a collective farming model.

Kale in an Oberlin Resident's garden

We are grateful to our residents who donate fresh produce regularly; it supplements our weekly Choice Pantry, and is eagerly accepted by our clients.

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